When Ron Lets Loose

By Will | Dec 16, 2008

Ron Johnson at the Blues Jam

Lots of folks have heard Ron Johnson’s wonderful jazz numbers on his albums or from the samples on his MySpace page. Some have noted that I refer to him on the Blues Jam home page as “The Amazing Ron Johson”. Others may have become curious after reading Erin’s profile of him a couple of weeks back.

The question: What does it sound like when this guy cranks up the amp and really lets that blue guitar wail?

I’ve got the answer. This is a sample from a recent Monday Night Blues Jam when 8-10 musicians were doing “Black Magic Woman”. Even on little computer speakers it sounds great, but if you’ve got headphones or run it through a good stereo, I bet it’ll give you chills. Here’s Ron’s solo from that song. Enjoy.

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